2005 International Meets of USA National Team members

Event w/ LinksCountryDateParticipantsUS Results
Moscow Grand PrixRUSMar 4-6Olga Karmansky 15th AA
Derugina Grand Prix *1UKRMar 11-13 Lisa Wang18th AA
Brenann Stacker19th AA
CalaisFRAMar 11-12Aline Bakchajian6th AA 3rd ball/5th rope
Julie Zetlin (JR) 5th AA 3rd rope/4th clubs/5th hoop/6th ribbon
ThiaisFRAMar 26-27Olga Karmansky22nd AA
Portimao PORMar 31-Apr 3 Aline Bakchajian13th AA
JR ScoresRachel Marmer (JR)3rd AA
Julie Zetlin (JR)5th AA
MTM Narodni Dom SLOApr 9Alexandra Licona11th AA
XV Trofeo Huelva *2ESPApr 9-10Valery Kharina5th AA, 4th ball, 5th clubs & rope
Marina Ljuboja (JR)3rd AA
Stephanie Flaksman (JR)4th AA
Kalamata CupGREApr 9-10Brenann Stacker11th AA
Danube Cup SVKApr 8-10Aline Bakchajian8th AA (unofficial)
Rachel Marmer (JR)3rd AA (unofficial)
Kristian Brooks (JR)10th AA
Baltic HoopLATApr 16-17Lisa Wang6th AA
Minsk Grand PrixBLR Apr 21-25 Lisa Wang27th AA
Shishmanova Grand PrixBULApr 30-May 1Olga Karmansky15th AA   Full 2005 Results
Lisa Wang21st AA
Brenann Stackernot ranked
Copa Reina Sofia *3ESPMay 6-8Rachel Marmer (JR)1st AA Results
(Rhythmic Cup of the Queen)Sasha Licona1st AA
Aline Bakchajian3rd AA
Corbeil World Cup
Corbeil Invitation
FRAMay 6-8Olga Karmansky21st AA  2005 All Around Results
Lisa Wang30th AA
Brenann Stacker51st AA
No Limits Open *4BELMay 14-15 See notes below.
World Cup/BakuAZEMay 13-15Olga KarmanskyWithdrew Full results
Aphrodite International Rhythmic Competition -- CyprusCYPJuly 9Rachel Marmer (JR)1st AA, Rope 2nd, Hoop 1st
World Games - GermanyGER July 15-24Olga KarmanskyQual round: Rope 19th, Ball 12th, Clubs 19th, Ribbon 22nd
Full Results
27th World Championships - BakuAZEOct 3-9Olga Karmansky
Lisa Wang,
Aline Bakchajian,
Brenann Stacker
Olga 48th AA    Results as available on FIG
Lisa 70th AA
Brenann 111th AA 2 events
Aline 113th AA 2 events
USA Team 22nd
Pre-Pan American Games - Rio de JaneiroBRANov 11-13Olga Karmansky
Lisa Wang
Aline Bakchajian
Brenann Stacker
Olga - 1st AA
USA Team - 1st AA
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